Who is Yaşam Ayavefe


Yaşam Ayavefe, a famous businessman who spent most of his time in the Cyprus region, was originally born in Adana. (d.1984) Yaşam Ayavefe, who attaches great importance to computer programs and software and is instrumental in training its employees in this regard, is always following closely in the face of technical advances. We can understand from the certificate and participation programs that he has achieved in many social and technical trainings that Yaşam Ayave, which has achieved a very high success in computer software such as C ++ and Java, has achieved success in many social and technical trainings. Yaşam, who has a highly disciplined personality in business life, is just as entertaining and sincere in his private life. Due to his interest in the sea and sea life, he bought him a summer boat. Occasionally, Yaşam Ayavefe, who is going on sea trips by boat with her friends or family, uses the following expressions. Bey “Hayat Bey has a very meticulous and fun personality. From time to time, he gathers us (his friends) and speaks full of quotes about the importance of unity and barbarism. With these conversations and the activities we have done, we can understand that the bond between us and our friends has been stronger. Yaşam Ayavefe, which has 4 dogs, 2 parrots and one pig mouse in its house, uses the following expressions for the special facility it has set up for these animals. In my house, me or my daughter can enter the garden or inside the house as desired. In order for this situation to be valid for my animals, I established a formation inspired by natural life in my house. In this formation, my animals can move more easily and have more fun time. ”